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Steelray Project Viewer

Steelray Project Viewer Crack Free Download is a project viewer utility that helps users to view, manipulate and print Microsoft project files. It will offer multiple modules which will allow them to view or edit their favorite project sections. For each project, there is a complete set of tools for managing the project sheets. In addition, this project viewer will enable users to selectively view and/or expand the data sheets, displayed in the project. This Microsoft project viewer will also be able to convert the MPP files to PowerPoint files to create presentation files. The Steelray Project Viewer Crack For Windows is compatible with Microsoft project files (.mpp) and Primavera P6 project files (.p6).
Main Features:
Data View (Modules): From the main menu, select Data, to open the Project data view.
Data View (Sheets): Select the Data view of the project to open the module’s data sheets and the project manager.
Network View (Modules): From the main menu, select Network, to open the project’s network diagram.
Network View (Sheets): Select the Network view of the project to open the main sheets in the network diagram.
Networks: Toggle the network diagram of the project to open the selected view in the network diagram.
Custom Dimensions (Sheets): Click on Custom Dimensions in order to open the custom dimension sheets.
Print Screens (Modules): From the main menu, select Print Screens, to open the project’s print screens.
Print Screens (Sheets): Select the Print Screens view of the project to open the screens in the print function.
Swap: Allows you to swap the order of the modules to be displayed.
Pane (Modules): Pane allows you to open each module.
Pane (Sheets): Pane allows you to open each sheet.
Attributes (Sheets): Click on Attributes in order to open the sheet’s attributes.
Attributes (Modules): Click on Attributes in order to open the module’s attributes.
Status: Toggle the project’s status: The project becomes active.
Language (Sheets): Click on Language in order to open the project’s language sheets.
Language (Modules): Click on Language in order to open the module’s language sheets.

Steelray Project Viewer Crack+ Free Download [Mac/Win] 2022

Steelray Project Viewer allows easy reading of Microsoft Project and Primavera P6 files. With the help of its built-in print engine it allows you to print specific files, such as a list of project resources or a Gantt chart, in a simple and convenient way.

Steelray Project Viewer for Windows provides you with the following capabilities.
1. Read and Print Office documents.
2. Browse your computer for folders and files.
3. Discover your digital music collection.
4. Take snapshots of your screens.

A tool for visualising schedule data, such as Gantt charts. This data viewer is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Web platforms. Steelray Visual Manager is not a Gantt chart editor, it does not include a built-in Gantt chart editor. However, there is a Gantt chart editor available separately in the SteelRay Manager toolbar for users who have a need for Gantt chart editing.

The Gantt chart visualisation is a multi-step process. This begins with the creation of a Gantt chart, where user can define a starting date and finish date and then define the dates to be displayed on the Gantt chart. Then, several Gantt chart visualisation steps can be defined, including the Gantt view settings, views including days, weeks, months and quarters and the appearance of the chart data.

Steelray Project Viewer for Windows provides the following functionalities:
1. Open MPP and P6 files.
2. Print.
3. Browse your computer for folders and files.
4. Discover your digital music collection.
5. Take snapshots of your screens.
6. View scheduled projects.

Steelray Manager for Windows includes a Gantt chart visualisation tool, which can be used with Steelray Project Viewer or independently.

Steelray Manager for Windows allows users to view their scheduled Projects, to create new Projects and to view Project Schedules.

The Gantt chart visualisation process is a multi-step process, beginning with the definition of the starting and ending dates and then designating the days of the Gantt chart. Finally, several Gantt chart visualisation steps can be defined including Gantt view settings, views, which include days, weeks, months and quarters and the appearance of the chart data.

Steelray Manager for Windows provides the following functionalities.

What’s New In Steelray Project Viewer?

Steelray Project Viewer is a small and elegant project viewer that allows users to view, select and print project files. It is available for Windows, OSX, and Linux and is available for free use with some limitations. The interface is very well designed and lightweight but offers a wide range of tools for creating, configuring, navigating and printing project sheets. Steelray will even allow users to easily access local project files, allowing them to switch between projects without having to switch between software. There are several features that will have to be credited to the application developers. They offer a clean design and many user-friendly tools, but some features are less than sufficient or could have been improved upon. Some include: no data selection tools, no diagram editing tools and only rudimentary document editing tools. Regardless, the application will display and display useful data information as users expand and collapse all the various project sheets. Users can then select specific content sections and print them. That said, the interface is clean and simple, so users will have no problems navigating the toolbars and will be able to work faster than with other larger Windows-based project viewers. The interface is light in terms of requirements, but users will have to juggle between many features in order to perform the most complex operations in the application. For instance, in order to print a project, users will have to navigate from one screen tool to another in order to switch between the different print options and preferences. Apart from that, the application offers tools for selecting data, as well as a diagram and resource editor in its project viewer module. Yet, some data selection tools could be better, as it will even allow users to go beyond the schematic of the project and select any kind of data they prefer. This is done through its “View”, “Select”, and “Edit” options.
Tutorials for Steelray Project Viewer 2
The application will allow users to first open the projects that they want to view, then they will have to access the viewer module and open the project being viewed. Users will be able to configure their preferred print options, which can include paper size, paper orientation, margins and so forth. Afterwards, the application will display all the data of the project that is open in the viewer.
A table of contents will be available that will list all the individual project sheets. This is helpful as the user will be able to see in which sheet they are currently viewing.
Another tool that users can make use of is “

System Requirements:

Supported: Win 7 or later.
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Open The Store.
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