Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 – A Tactical RPG with Demons and Choices

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 is a tactical role-playing game in the Megami Tensei series developed by Atlus for the Nintendo DS and the 3DS. It is a sequel to the 2009 game Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. It was released in Japan in July 2011, in North America in February 2012, and in Europe in October 2013. An enhanced version for the 3DS, titled Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker, was released in 2015.

The setting of Devil Survivor 2 spans the whole country of Japan. It tells the story of Japanese high school students who enter a pact, enabling them to summon demons and fight mysterious creatures invading and destroying the country. The plot may unfold differently depending on the player’s actions who assumes the role of a silent young demon tamer involved in this incident. The game is a tactical role-playing which takes after its predecessor as it involves controlling several demon tamers in their fights against different enemies and gaining new skills in the process. It has new additions such as the Fate System where the player can relate with other cast as well as the upgradeable racial skills.


The game’s main story arc revolves around the Septentrion invasion, a series of seven powerful beings that appear once a day for seven days and threaten to destroy Japan. The protagonist and his friends are among the few people who can see and fight them using their phones’ demon summoning program. They also receive death clips from a website called Nicaea that show their friends’ deaths before they happen. Along the way, they encounter other demon tamers who have different views on how to deal with the crisis, such as Yamato Hotsuin, Ronaldo Kuriki, Daichi Shijima, and the Anguished One.

The game has multiple endings based on the player’s choices and actions throughout the game. The player can side with one of four factions: Yamato’s meritocracy, Ronaldo’s equality, Daichi’s liberation, or Anguished One’s new world. Each faction has its own goals and ideals on how to shape the world after defeating Polaris, the administrator of all worlds. The player can also choose to restore or destroy Polaris depending on their alignment. Additionally, there are special endings that require certain conditions to be met, such as having high fate levels with all characters or recruiting all human leaders.


The game features a large cast of characters that join or oppose the protagonist throughout his journey. Some of them are:

  • The protagonist: The silent main character of the game. He is a third-year high school student who signs up for Nicaea out of curiosity. He has a strong sense of justice and friendship.
  • Daichi Shijima: The protagonist’s childhood friend and classmate. He is cheerful and optimistic, but also naive and cowardly at times. He wants to save everyone from the Septentrion invasion.
  • Io Nitta: A popular and smart girl from the protagonist’s class. She is kind and gentle, but also insecure and indecisive about her future.
  • Makoto Sako: A member of JP


    Devil Survivor 2 is a tactical role-playing game that combines turn-based combat with visual novel elements. The player controls a party of up to four human characters and their demons, which are summoned using the Demon Summoning Program on their phones. The game is divided into several days, each with a set of events and battles that advance the plot. The player can choose which events to participate in, which can affect the outcome of the story and the fate of the characters.

    The battles take place on a grid-based map, where the player and the enemy take turns moving and attacking. Each human character can have up to two demons in their party, and can switch them out during battle. The battles are further divided into skirmishes, where each human character and their demons face off against an enemy squad in a first-person perspective. The player can choose one action for each member of their squad, such as attacking, using skills, or escaping. The combat system uses the Press Turn system from other Shin Megami Tensei games, where exploiting the enemy’s weaknesses or landing critical hits can grant extra turns or deny them to the enemy.

    The game also features a Fate System, where the player can interact with other characters and increase their fate level. This can unlock new skills, abilities, and story events for the characters. The fate level also affects the survival rate of the characters, as some of them may die depending on the player’s choices and actions. The game has multiple endings based on the player’s alignment and decisions throughout the game.


    The soundtrack of Devil Survivor 2 was composed by Kenji Ito, who also worked on the first game, and Shoji Meguro, who joined for the 3DS version. The soundtrack consists of 35 tracks for the DS version and 49 tracks for the 3DS version. The music ranges from rock, pop, techno, and orchestral genres, and reflects the mood and atmosphere of the game. Some of the tracks are remixes or arrangements of previous Shin Megami Tensei songs.

    The opening theme of the game is “Mugen no Sekai” (World of Fantasy), sung by Kinuko Saga and composed by Ito. The ending theme is “Each and All”, sung by Livetune adding Rin Oikawa and composed by Meguro. The 3DS version also features a new opening theme called “Break Your Destiny”, sung by Yumi Kawamura and composed by Meguro.

    The soundtrack received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, who praised its variety, quality, and fittingness to the game. Some of the tracks were also nominated for awards or included in best-of lists by various publications.


    Devil Survivor 2 received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised its story, gameplay, characters, and music. However, some critics also criticized its high difficulty level, lack of innovation, and dated graphics. The game has an average score of 80/100 on Metacritic and 81/100 on GameRankings for the DS version, and 83/100 on Metacritic and 82/100 on GameRankings for the 3DS version.

    The game sold well in Japan, where it debuted at number one on the weekly sales charts with over 63,000 copies sold in its first week. It went on to sell over 106,000 copies by the end of 2011. In North America, the game sold over 20,000 copies in its first month. In Europe, the game was released by Ghostlight after a fan campaign to localize it.

    The game also spawned several adaptations and spin-offs, such as two manga series by Satoru Matsuba and Noriaki Okamura respectively, an anime television series by Studio Bridge that aired in 2013, a pachinko slot machine by Sammy Corporation that was released in 2015, and a crossover with Persona 4 in Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth.


    Devil Survivor 2 is a tactical role-playing game that offers a compelling story, engaging gameplay, memorable characters, and a great soundtrack. It is a worthy sequel to Devil Survivor that improves on many aspects of its predecessor while adding new features and content. It is also a challenging game that requires strategic thinking and careful planning to overcome its enemies and scenarios. It is a game that appeals to fans of Shin Megami Tensei as well as newcomers to the series.

    If you are looking for a game that combines turn-based combat with visual novel elements, that gives you multiple choices and outcomes that affect the fate of your characters and the world, that lets you summon and customize demons to fight alongside you, that has a captivating story with multiple endings based on your alignment and that has a large cast of characters with different personalities and abilities, then you should definitely check out Devil Survivor 2. It is a game that will keep you hooked for hours and make you feel the thrill of surviving against all odds.


    Here are some frequently asked questions about Devil Survivor 2:

    1. Q: How long is the game?
    2. A: The game’s length depends on how much time you spend on the events, battles, and side quests. However, a typical playthrough can take around 30 to 40 hours to complete one route. There are four main routes and several special endings to unlock, so the game has a high replay value.
    3. Q: How can I get the best ending?
    4. A: The best ending is subjective, as it depends on your personal preference and alignment. However, some general tips to get a good ending are: increase your fate level with all characters, recruit all human leaders, defeat all optional bosses, and choose the option that aligns with your desired route.
    5. Q: How can I get more demons?
    6. A: You can get more demons by using the demon auction, where you can bid for different types of demons using macca, the game’s currency. You can also fuse two or more demons to create a new one with different skills and attributes. You can access the demon auction and fusion from your phone menu.
    7. Q: How can I get more skills?
    8. A: You can get more skills by using the skill crack feature, where you can select a skill from an enemy before battle and obtain it after defeating them. You can also inherit skills from your demons when you fuse them. You can equip up to four skills for each human character and demon.
    9. Q: How can I save my game?
    10. A: You can save your game by using the save option from your phone menu. You can also use the suspend option to create a temporary save that will be deleted once you resume the game. You can save or suspend your game at any time except during battles and events.

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