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Dragon Ball Xenoverse Cso: A Guide to the Best Characters, Moves, and Modes

If you are a fan of the Dragon Ball series, you may have heard of Dragon Ball Xenoverse Cso, a game that lets you create your own custom avatar and fight alongside your favorite characters in famous battles from the anime and manga. The game was released in 2015 for various platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows (via Steam). The game was developed by Dimps, a company that has worked on previous Dragon Ball games such as Dragon Ball Z: Budokai and Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit. The game was well-received by critics and fans alike, who praised its graphics, gameplay, story, and customization options.

In this article, we will provide you with some tips and tricks on how to play Dragon Ball Xenoverse Cso and enjoy its features. We will cover the following topics:

  • How to create and customize your avatar
  • How to choose your master and learn new skills
  • How to fight in different modes and missions
  • How to unlock new characters and transformations
  • How to download and play Dragon Ball Xenoverse Cso on your device

How to Create and Customize Your Avatar

One of the most appealing features of Dragon Ball Xenoverse Cso is that you can create your own avatar and make it look however you want. You can choose from five different races: Earthling, Saiyan, Namekian, Majin, or Frieza Race. Each race has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as stats, abilities, transformations, and clothing options. For example, Saiyans can turn into Super Saiyans and have high attack power, but low health and defense; Namekians can regenerate health and have high stamina, but low speed and ki; Majins can turn into Kid Buu form and have high defense and stamina recovery, but low attack power and speed; Frieza Race can turn into Golden form and have high speed and ki blast power, but low health and stamina; Earthlings have balanced stats and can use the Nimbus cloud or Power Pole as weapons. You can also choose your gender (except for Namekians), height, weight, voice, hairstyle, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, skin color, hair color, eye color, costume color, accessory color, fighting style. You can also name your avatar whatever you want.

You can create your avatar at the beginning of the game or later in Toki Toki City, a hub where you can interact with other players and characters. Toki Toki City is divided into four areas: Time Nest (where you can access the main story missions), Time Machine Station (where you can access the parallel quests), Plaza of Time (where you can access the online modes), and Industrial Sector (where you can access the shops). You can also change your appearance or skills at any time by visiting the Clothing Shop or Skill Shop. You can also equip different items such as capsules or z-souls that can boost your performance in battle. You can also collect dragon balls by completing certain quests or defeating certain enemies. You can use them to summon Shenron and make a wish for various rewards such as new characters, skills, costumes, or items.

How to Choose Your Master and Learn New Skills

Another feature of Dragon Ball Xenoverse Cso is that you can choose one of the original characters from the series as your master. Your master will teach you new skills that you can use in battle. You can also increase your friendship level with your master by completing their training sessions or using their skills in battle. As your friendship level increases, you will unlock more skills and items from your master. You will also receive support from your master during battles. You can change your master at any time by talking to them or finding them in Toki Toki City. There are 17 masters available in the game: Goku (unlocked by default), Piccolo (unlocked by default), Krillin (unlocked by default), Yamcha (unlocked by default), Tien (unlocked by default), Gohan & Videl (unlocked after completing the Cell Saga), Vegeta (unlocked after completing the Saiyan Saga), Gotenks (unlocked after completing the Buu Saga), Hercule (unlocked after completing the Buu Saga), Android 18 (unlocked after completing the Cell Saga), Cell (unlocked after completing the Cell Saga), Frieza (unlocked after completing the Frieza Saga), Captain Ginyu (unlocked after completing the Frieza Saga), Beerus (unlocked after completing Demigra’s Saga), Pan (unlocked after completing Demigra’s Saga), Broly (unlocked after collecting all seven dragon balls), Omega Shenron (unlocked after collecting all seven dragon balls). Each master has their own set of skills that they can teach you. For example:

  • Goku can teach you Kamehameha Wave
  • Piccolo can teach you Special Beam Cannon
  • Krillin can teach you Destructo Disc
  • Yamcha can teach you Spirit Ball
  • Tien can teach you Tri-Beam
  • Gohan & Videl can teach you Kamehameha Boost
  • Vegeta can teach you Galick Gun
  • Gotenks can teach you Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack
  • Hercule can teach you Dynamite Kick
  • Android 18 can teach you Power Blitz
  • Cell can teach you Perfect Kamehameha
  • Frieza can teach you Death Beam
  • Captain Ginyu can teach you Body Change
  • Beerus can teach you God of Destruction’s Wrath
  • Pan can teach you Maiden Blast
  • Broly can teach you Gigantic Meteor
  • Omega Shenron can teach you Minus Energy Power Ball

You can also learn new skills by completing parallel quests or buying them from the Skill Shop. Parallel quests are optional missions that allow you to revisit the events of the series with different scenarios and outcomes. You can also team up with other players or characters to complete them. You can access parallel quests from the Time Machine Station in Toki Toki City. There are 55 parallel quests available in the game, each with different objectives, enemies, and rewards. Some of the skills that you can learn from parallel quests are:

  • Kaioken (from quest 08: Invade Earth)
  • Spirit Bomb (from quest 14: Legendary Super Saiyan)
  • Final Flash (from quest 16: Super Saiyan Legend)
  • Instant Transmission (from quest 18: Return of Ginyu Force!)
  • Super Saiyan (from quest 21: The Cell Games Begin)
  • Potential Unleashed (from quest 38: Blast the Super Spirit Bomb!)
  • Super Saiyan God (from quest 49: Saiyan Revolt)
  • Super Saiyan 4 (from quest 55: Power of a Super Saiyan God)

How to Fight in Different Modes and Missions

The main mode of Dragon Ball Xenoverse Cso is the story mode, where you play as your avatar and join forces with Trunks and the Supreme Kai of Time to fix the distortions in the Dragon Ball timeline caused by an evil duo named Towa and Mira. You will travel to different eras and locations from the series and fight against various enemies and villains. You will also encounter some original characters such as Demigra, a demon god who wants to take over the universe; Bardock, Goku’s father who was sent to the past by Mira; and Future Warrior, a mysterious warrior who helps Trunks in his missions. The story mode consists of 12 sagas, each with multiple missions. The sagas are:

  • Prologue: A New Foe Appears!
  • Saiyan Saga: Invasion of Earth!
  • Return of the Saiyans Saga: The Saiyans Strike Back!
  • Ginyu Force Saga: The Ginyu Force Strikes!
  • Frieza Saga: The Galactic Emperor!
  • Cell Saga: Androids in Danger!
  • Android Saga: The Cell Games!
  • Majin Buu Saga: A Desperate Future!</li
  • God of Destruction Beerus Saga: The God of Destruction’s Fury!
  • Demigra Saga: The Demon God’s Plot!
  • Legendary Super Saiyan Saga: Broly’s Revenge!
  • GT Saga: A Shadow Dragon’s Might!

You can access the story mode from the Time Nest in Toki Toki City. You can also replay any mission that you have completed before. You can also change the difficulty level of the missions from easy to hard. The harder the difficulty, the stronger the enemies and the better the rewards. You can also unlock some secret missions by fulfilling certain conditions in some missions. For example, you can unlock the Legendary Super Saiyan Saga by defeating Goku in mission 14 before he transforms into a Super Saiyan.

Besides the story mode and the parallel quests, there are also other modes and missions that you can play in Dragon Ball Xenoverse Cso. These include:

  • Online Mode: You can play online with other players from around the world. You can join or create a lobby and choose from various options such as team battle, free battle, endless battle, or world tournament. You can also chat with other players or send them messages. You can also join or create a guild and cooperate with other members to complete guild quests and earn guild points.
  • Offline Mode: You can play offline with computer-controlled characters or local multiplayer with another player using a second controller. You can choose from the same options as online mode, except for world tournament and guild quests.
  • Training Mode: You can practice your skills and moves in a training stage with a dummy opponent. You can adjust various settings such as health, ki, stamina, damage, and AI level. You can also view your command list and combo list.
  • Time Patrol Quests: You can complete special quests that are related to the story mode. These quests are given by Trunks or other characters in Toki Toki City. They usually involve fighting against powerful enemies or collecting items. You can earn experience points, zeni, items, skills, or costumes by completing these quests.

How to Unlock New Characters and Transformations

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Cso features a large roster of characters that you can play as or fight against. There are over 50 playable characters in the game, each with their own skills, stats, and transformations. Some of the characters are unlocked by default, while others require you to complete certain missions or make certain wishes. Here is a list of some of the characters and how to unlock them: