VirtualMacroProvider is a Virtual Macros recorder for Windows and Linux.
VirtualMacroProvider allows you to record macros with or without keystrokes.
The first part of the description describes the original use of VirtualMacroProvider.
The second part of the description shows what can be done with the Macros after recording.
VirtualMacroProvider VirtualMacroProvider works in a similar way to a hardware Macro Recorder. You use the combination of keyboard shortcuts and pre defined actions that can be recorded together to enable you to create a macro with a single key press.
Using pre-defined actions allows you to create complex macros which can be called at any time.
When recording a Macro you can choose between two modes. In the first mode the Macros are played without additional options.
In the second mode you can play, pause, stop, pause and resume the macro and you can change the playback speed.
For example if the “F3” key is used to record a macro the action “F3 + Pause” is recorded. This means that when the “F3” key is pressed the macro will start to play and after three seconds the “Pause” command will be executed. If you press the “F3” key again the macro will resume playing.
VirtualMacroProvider will take all the actions you need and create a single macro which can be assigned to a hotkey or shortcuts and called in any application.
When the Macro is called it will play the recorded actions in the order that they were recorded.
VirtualMacroProvider is made with Visual Studio C#. It runs under Windows XP or later, with.Net framework 2.0.
Simple record buttons and hotkeys are used to start and stop the recording, pause or resume the macro.
For your convenience all the actions are configured in a simple dialog and most of the available actions are available by clicking the corresponding button.
VirtualMacroProvider can also be used as a Macro recorder and as a Macro player. It will start automatically when you start your application and stop when you end it.
For example when you type “F3 + F3” you can record the following actions: “F3”, “F3 + F3”, “F3 + F3 + Pause”. VirtualMacroProvider will generate a macro that when you press “F3” the macro 384a16bd22

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Controls the following in Panda2:
– Up: Numpad Up
– Down: Numpad Down
– Left: Numpad Left
– Right: Numpad Right
– Esc: Undo
– F1: Open the help menu
– F2: View Web Demo
– F3: Open the developers website
– F4: Open the settings menu
– F5: View Web Demo 2
– F6: View Live Demo
– F7: Close the settings menu
– F8: Close the web demo
– F9: View the web demo in full screen mode
– F10: Open a split screen mode
– F11: View the web demo in split screen mode
– F12: Open a full screen mode
– F13: View the web demo in full screen mode
– F14: Open a split screen mode
– F15: Close the web demo
– F16: Close the app
– F17: Close the app
– F18: Close the app
– F19: Close the app
– F20: View the web demo in split screen mode
– F21: View the web demo in full screen mode
– F22: View the web demo in split screen mode
– F23: Close the web demo
– F24: Close the web demo
– F25: Close the web demo
– F26: View the web demo in full screen mode
– F27: View the web demo in split screen mode
– F28: Close the web demo
– F29: Close the web demo
– F30: Close the web demo
– F31: Close the web demo
– F32: View the web demo in split screen mode
– F33: View the web demo in full screen mode
– F34: View the web demo in split screen mode
– F35: View the web demo in full screen mode
– F36: View the web demo in split screen mode
– F37: Close the web demo
– F38: Close the web demo
– F39: Close the web demo
– F40: Close the web demo
– F41: Close the web demo
– F42: Close the web demo
– F43: Close the web demo
– F44: Close the web demo
– F45: Close the web demo
– F46: Close the web demo
– F

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