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Following additional notes and examples:
The program uses the registry for this behavior, it is simply a device/object which it created and saved in the registry. So it must be a valid string which you can find in HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\eventlog.

It is possible to change this to keep other services running with the help of a bit flags. Two flags are used:
1. The dynamic flag
2. The persistent flag
The dynamic flag simply means that the device/object should be deleted if the timer finishes. So if the timer is not stopped, it will simply start again.

The persistent flag means that if the timer finishes the device/object still keeps its creation, not the dynamic flag.

The code for the balloon tip:
$Computers = Get-Content “c:\temp\AllSystem.txt” -ReadCount 1
$obj = New-Object -comobject

$“boottime.exe -t20”)
Start-Sleep -Seconds 10

$Computers = Get-Content “c:\temp\AllSystem.txt” -ReadCount 1

Saving the information
Get-ItemProperty -Path “HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\eventlog” |
Where-Object {$_.Value -match “”} |
Select-Object MachineName, @{Name=”Time”; Expression={($_.Value.SubString($_.Value.LastIndexOf(‘}’)-1)|

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Since it shows the boot time it can be useful to create a cronjob to watch this application every 5 minutes. It can be used to find out what applications are started at boot. Some installed applications just start at boot. If you need some information of applications that start every time you would need to create your own application (which can start at boot). To make this more reliable you could look at the date the event was logged to see if it is the current time.
Also you could use it to see what changes to do your registry:
boottime.exe -d
Boot Time Data:
There are two values displayed. The short version is the current time. The longer version adds the time of boot.
I restarted my computer and the application gives this info:
boottime.exe -t20
12/16/2012 09:53:09 PM: HelloWorld
The application needs to be run as a separate application, to do so use double click and just ignore the warning.

Change is recommended as the program is bundled with Norton AntiVirus 2013


External links
Googlecode page for the Windows application
Source for the Linux application

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The name and description of the boot time application can be modified using the -n and -d parameters respectively.
This program is written in C# and is licensed under the GNU GPL.

If you installed it from the autorun.inf you’ll need to modify the service name and description to suit your needs.
There might be an issue with the file being signed, so when you install the file make sure you have signed the file.

If you also wanted to find out when your computer last started you could use the following program, this program, when installed, would show you the time of the last start as well as the time of the last boot of the computer. You could modify this as you wish by changing the parameters -p (for the “boot time program” such as bootime.exe) and -r (for the file name of the registry entry).
The only problem with this is that the program can’t find the last time that the event was created, and it will also only work if you have signed the file.
Here’s an example of the one I’m using:
bootime.exe -p “boottime.exe” -r “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\EventLog\Directory\LogFile\Microsoft-Windows-Application-Boot”

This program is meant to be used with Windows 7 and 8, but should work with XP and Vista as well.


Here is what I use to keep track of this. I have 2 conditions. If there is a recent restart and I’m within 10 days of the first it will look at that time and if I’m more than 10 days from the first it will look at the clock. I program the timer to go off everyday at 10 AM. I can’t think of any way to trick this.
If (StartTime1 >= StartTime2)
&& (StartTime1 >= System.DateTime.Now.AddDays(-10))
&& (StartTime1

What’s New In?

The program boots the computer and shows a balloon tip with the last time that the computer booted.
Additional Note:
If the -p parameter is used, the program stores the last time that the computer booted. Then when the program is started again it will give the time of the current boot.

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